About Us

“We appreciate Pitter Pat's flexibility of meeting our schedules. Their loving care helps us feel at ease while we're away.” Linda, Dave, “Jade”, “Bruno” and “Rocco” from Aldie

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What We Do

We are a small professional Dog Walking and Pet Care company that takes care of your pets like you would. Donna started Pitter Pat 9 years ago to provide pet sitting and dog walking for Ashburn, Aldie, Sterling and South Riding. We continue to provide the best service possible by staying small, (5 employees), enabling us to give you and your pets the utmost attention and care. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile for you.


Why us for your Dog Walking and Pet Care Needs?

You will feel less stress knowing your pets are being cared for in their own home. Whether it's a mid-day walk when you're working or you're away on vacation, your cats, dogs, birds and small exotics will be well taken care of by Pitter Pat employees. We have a proven track record of taking care of pets and our commitment is unsurpassed. When you hire Pitter Pat for all your pet care needs, we guarantee that we will be there for you. You no longer need to rely on others or rush home when you know your loved ones are cared for by Pitter-Pat.


There's no Place Like Home for your Pets!

Why would you take your pet to a kennel, a fancy pet resort, or a stranger's house when you can keep them in their home environment where they feel safe and secure? We come to your home; stay overnight if desired; and give them all the love and attention they deserve. We are able to provide overnights at your home at a more reasonable price then a pet resort and your pet will thank you that you let them stay in a safe and secure environment.