Dog Walking

“Our walker comes everyday to walk our dog, she is a very caring person. It's clear she loves dogs and spending time with our little guy. They always leave a note letting us know what he did that day.” Shana, Brian, and “Buster”

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A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog!

Dogs need daily exercise just like we do, and if you don't have the time or the motivation to walk your dog, let us help. A mid-day walk for a younger dog can help with boredom, exercise, and getting that energy out. For older dogs it can help with weight and bladder control.


Why Us for your Dog Walking Needs?

We have been providing dog walking for over nine years to residents of Ashburn, Aldie, South Riding and Sterling. We have employees that are trained in basic dog obedience and proper leash handling, our employess are NOT independent contractors. Why is this important? Independent Contractors cannot be trained by the company they work for, they cannot be told time to be at your house, they can't even be told what to do and in what order. This is an important consideration when hiring a company.


Small and Proud of it!

We are small company and we are always available for you and for your dog! Whether it's a mid-day walk while you're working or when you have something planned for the evening or weekend and your dog needs a break or two. We will come over to walk them so you can relax, enjoy your time, and have no worries. Large Companies are impersonal they don't know you pet and they don't know you. They are proud of being big, we are proud of being small!


Midday Dog Walk Pricing

3 plus days week $13.50
1 or 2 days week $14.50
As needed (midday) $15.50
Evening or weekends $18.50
Each addition dog $2.00

Most dogs do fine with the above visit but if you have a more active breed or a dog that needs extra time we can make it a longer visit. We will discuss your needs and customize what is best for your dog at our Meet and Greet.