Puppies and Rescues

“I have great piece of mind while at work, knowing my furry kids are being taken care of. They look forward to their walk everyday.” -Christina, Kalipso, Carmela, and Angelina

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Puppy Care

We pride ourselves in welcoming your new dog with the kind of care that you would provide them if you were home with them all day. We will arrange a time that is best for your new puppy and get them into a routine of going out to do their business and also to get that puppy energy out.


Why Pitter-Pat for your puppy?

We have taken care of puppies in the area for 9 years and we know a lot about them and what they need.

We are Pet CPR certified

Customize the visit to your puppy's needs. Walk, play, feeding, back out again. More than one visit a day? Yes, we can do that!



“Pitter-Pat makes it affordable with three large dogs and I wouldn't be able to rescue these dogs without PP help.”Christina, Angelina, Carmela, and Kalypso -South Riding


Did you adopt a rescue? Thank you from the bottom of our heart!

We will do whatever it takes to make your new dog a part of your family. We have worked with rescues for years and we know they may need a little more help because of what they may have been through in their lives. We have heard the stories over and over again, and we will do what it takes to help them assimilate into your family.

We actively support several Rescue Groups and have even help placed dogs into new Forever Homes.